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Colormix is ​​the software dedicated to the formulation of color recipes for traditional production. With an intuitive interface, Colormix optimizes preparation time, quality and production cost, characterizing the different chemical classes and substrates. The formulation of the color recipe is a quick and safe process, through the selection of the reference colorimetry or a Pantone code. With a direct interface through the spectrophotometer, the operator obtains a quick import of the reflectance curve or the creation of a color scheme.
The software can also identify metameric colors or compare references to check the Delta error. Colormix proceeds through different methods, such as the identification of samples of similar colors already produced and recorded in the archive. In the case of finding similar colors, it proceeds with the automatic calculation of the income, considering the chromatic distance, the metamerism, the stability, the aim substrate, any incompatibility between the dyes and, not least, the cost of the entries obtained.
The Colormix calculation engine works with measurement accuracy and through the use of internationally recognized mathematical formulas (CIELAB 1976 - CMC (1: 1) - CMC (2: 1) - ICE 1994 - CIEDE 2000), which allows obtaining a rigorous quality control, also proceeding with the measurement and evaluation of color and adapting to the different needs of the company.

Features and Strengths:

  • Management of different chemical classes
  • Unlimited number of cuts
  • Different bases characterization
  • Display recipes by ΔE, metamerism and price
  • Calculate differences between two colors
  • Recipe storage
  • Calculate production consumption
  • Color fastness measurement
  • Share, export and import recipes in ATL format
  • Direct passage to the colorways software Color Instinct
  • Various models of spectrophotometers interfaced to software

Recommended Hardware Components:

  • Intel Core i3
  • 4 GB di RAM
  • Video resolution 1920 X 1080 Pixel

Microsoft operating system:

  • Windows 7 and above (recommended 64-bit version)

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