Automatic Channel Separation

This solution has been engineered for different kinds of companies and departments:

  • Digital Printing Mills: Chroma permits to separate quickly RGB file in channels: grayscale obtained, will be colored, manually or automatically; Colour Instinct will handle the proper printing match
  • Engravers and separation-offices: time spent for separation is reduced. In addition to the user’s experience, Chroma represents the critical point of the separation process. The colors’ selection, the opportunity to merge channels and the output in multichannel file permit Chroma to generate in a few clicks a proper tones’ selection. This selection can be sent to the engraving machine applying the raster conversion using module Screen.
  • Design Studios: a good design starts with a proper idea and it is requested a proper manipulation. Trying to manipulate a draft without any color-family’s selection doesn’t permit to achieve a proper result. Chroma will prepare your own colors’ separation in a few clicks, creative department will be completed





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